22.04.2021 | M&A Spotlight

The Future of Food - Plant-Based Market Insights


From milk and eggs to meat, fish, and honey, vegan alternatives and substitutes are now available for nearly all animal-based foods. The selection is huge and getting bigger all the time, offering a wide range of culinary possibilities. Plant-based products have been a niche for quite some time, but recent growth rates make it impossible to underestimate the industry any further. The growth has largely been driven by the mainstream emergence of the ‘flexitarian’ consumer, as well as increased numbers of vegetarians and vegans. Companies invest heavily, acquire and establish new brands and create new products which appeal to the surging consumer demand for plant-based products.

While these industry trends create significant opportunity for established food and beverage companies with traditional meat and dairy product business models they also create risk of being left behind. There has been increasing M&A activity in recent years in the plant-based alternatives sector, with its peak in 2020, which was mainly driven by:

• established companies looking to consolidate and expand existing positions to achieve reach new geographies.

• established food and drink companies as well as financial investors gaining access into the fast growing plant-based alternatives market.

• start-up companies requiring investment from individuals, financial or corporate investors.

With still huge amounts of capital to deploy, private equity and venture capital will remain highly active in the plant-based alternatives market as there is no indication that consumer behavior will slow down - on the contrary. Reason enough for us to take a close look at the trends and developments in the M&A market for plant-based food alternatives in this report.

This Report contains a broad global market overview, a closer look to trends & drivers in the industry as well as recent M&A and funding activity in the market for plant-based food sector.

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